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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can i share recorded music?

Recording feature can only be used for personal usage. Recorded files can neither be copied out of the application nor distributed in anyway. You can only listen back to your personal recordings from right inside RADYO.

2. Can i schedule recordings and make my Windows awake and sleep automatically?

Eventhough RADYO could do this, none of the metro style applications listed in Microsoft Store is allowed to do this as it is forbidden by Microsoft.

3. It seems like RADYO is an official ShoutCAST partner, but why i don’t see it in the Windows version?

We are awaiting reply from ShoutCAST team for adding ShoutCAST support to our Windows version too. Currently only iOS version of RADYO has ShoutCAST support.

4. Can i share the link to the station that i’m currently listening to?

You can easily share special links to anyone who has RADYO too and let them listen to the same station immediately. This is valid both for the stations in RADYO’s own station database and for your manually added stations. More information about the usage of radyo:// protocol can be found by clicking here.

5. Can i schedule an alarm?

Current version of Windows 8 does not allow us to implement an alarm feature that dynamically starts playing your favorite station. Eventhough there are some methods (infact tricks) those can make this possible, these methods are not the right way to implement these features. There may appear some applications on the Store those can schedule alarms. Those applications will be using many different tricks to overcome the limitation. These tricks may have lots of side effects, including quick depletion of your battery/more power usage, unintended and unexpected network usage, playing a silent audio (where it’ll be broken if user plays any other application that uses music system), etc..

We are continuously follow every Microsoft update and we are going to implement an alarm feature as soon as it is made possible in the way we need, by Microsoft Team.

6. Why don’t you answer the questions or solve problems those are written on the review page of RADYO app in Store?

Why wouldn’t we. We would love to! We track reviews continuously and when we see any issues shared by our users, we immediately inspect those issues and implement a fix as soon as possible if it requires. Eventhough we do this, we can not help on every issue as we need to get in contact with you to learn further about the problem and we are unable to get your contact information from the reviews page. If you need any help, please reach us through this website (contact page) or easily send your message through the feedback form that is integrated right into the application itself. (open the bottom app bar, you’ll see it at the lower left)

7. I can’t connect to any station. None of the stations does play. What can be the reason?

First of all, as RADYO uses internet to play live stations, please be sure that your internet connection is up and running without any problem.

If you are using a firewall or security application, these application may be blocking RADYO from connecting to radio stations. Radio stations may be streaming on non-standard “ports” and security applications may block RADYO thinking that there is something unusual. Actually, non-standard ports are indeed standard and expected for Live Streaming applications. To be able to use RADYO, you need to add RADYO to your “secure” applications list or you have to change settings of your security application to allow RADYO connect to radio stations. Please refer to documents of your security applications on adding RADYO to “permitted/allowed/safe” applications list.

If you are able to connect to station but if it never passes “Buffering/Loading” state on none of the stations, this is probably caused by your display adapter driver which was installed especially by you or automatically. This issue is related to Microsoft’s Media Framework and older graphics cards. Microsoft and graphics card manufacturers are aware of this problem but they haven’t fixed this issue. (which may be never get fixed). This problem will affect all media applications and not just RADYO. There is only “ONE” known solution to this problem, which requires you to uninstall display adapter drivers those not prepared by Microsoft. For example, if you have installed any display drivers prepared by the manufacturer itself (latest/signed/certified or any driver), this problem may occur. Uninstalling these drivers and letting Microsoft’s original driver to do it’s job will probably fix this issue. If your display card is WDDM 1.2 or newer, you will not experience this issue)