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Windows Phone RADYO! It’s alive!!





RADYO is a comprehensive global radio entertainment application which lets you listen to various music stations all over the world.

RADYO project has been active since 2009 with your sincere support and it has inspired many music applications during it’s development. Again, as we hope, with your help we will keep listening to radio with RADYO in the year 2013 too!

We all love music! Different style, different life, the same feeling!

  • Customizable application home screen. Home screen will also be automatically arranged to make it easier for you to reach your favorite music!
  • Record your favorite stations to playback whenever you want!
  • Automatic Station Scanning. RADYO can change stations automatically until you like a station!
  • Listening History. You are looking for the song you’ve just listened? You can see what you have listened recently, find them on Youtube or Bing/Google with one click!
  • Multi-format support. RADYO supports nearly all popular streaming servers. You can listen to streams of Windows Media Servers, ShoutCAST, IceCAST and direct file.
  • Playlist file support. You can open .pls, .m3u, .m3u8, .asx,.. extensions.
  • radyo:// url protocol. RADYO supports it’s own url mechanism that lets listeners easily share stations between them.
  • Multi-Language and Multi-Region support! RADYO immediately localizes itself according to the current country and language.
  • Song – Artist images. RADYO will automatically show currently playing song’s or artist’s images!
  • Automatic station-list updating service.
  • Most listened stations
  • Auto-play last station
  • Favorite list
  • Sharing features (Between applications and Twitter – Facebook support)
  • Dynamic categorization and search system. Immediately filter out station list even in your custom lists or favorites list!
  • In-App contact form

Windows RADYO! It’s alive!!

RADYO for Windows is finally completed! We have worked hard to bring RADYO to brand-new OS, Windows 8!

We have to thank to Microsoft Turkey for their continuous support. We couldn’t have brought RADYO to Windows 8 this early without them! They have not only helped for various technical problems but also put up with our stubborn requests and comments. They are patient and kind!

RADYO project has been started in 2009 and it is the power of the support of RADYO’s users that brought it to this point. We started working on RADYO in April 2012. In WindowsRADYO too, we have added integrated contact form right inside the application so you can easily tell us what you like and what you don’t.

You can read more about RADYO and it’s features on

You may not find some of the options you are looking for on the main screen. That is because of the philosophy of Windows 8. You see only the “Content” you need. What you don’t need is not on the screen. So where are those other buttons, funtions, settings? Windows 8 has a shared system which is used by every single application on Window Store and by the Windows 8 itself. To search, to share, to open settings, … move your mouse cursor from the bottom-right edge of the screen to top-right edge or from top to bottom. Similarly, you see the opened applications and switch between them by doing the same thing at the left side of the screen.

As Windows 8 is new for all of us, we might have had and may have mistakes. Thank you for your patience and understanding. You can be sure that we will be working hard to fix every single issue you share with us as soon as possible. So, please remember that the fastest way to reach us is the contact form that is integrated inside the application or that is available on

Have a great time full of great music!